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This Endless Dream

February 4, 2012
By EthanCalhoun PLATINUM, Fairview, New Jersey
EthanCalhoun PLATINUM, Fairview, New Jersey
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I remember the moment
Gray the scene
The ocean stayed calm
It was as if you could walk on it
As if it was a continuation of the sand my foot stepped off of.....
As if I
Was a feather
Rainy weather
Feeling like forever lasting kisses from the angel marie
Did not phase the sea
And to continue to the strangest dream
The endless scene
Which had no means
Was set for me
I stepped on to this water
And my feet
Which felt so heavy did not sink
The ocean pink
Like lemonade
But too sacred for me to drink, I walked across
Not knowing where I was going, have set motion towards the constant horizon
It was an eye, not the normal shining sun
And me
Knowing that it sees, what lays on it seas, meaning me or I
Walked towards the eye
Never getting closer
Meeting a closure
I enjoyed what passes by
Music notes
I watch them float
And like them
I can Fly
Faster then walking on the seas, as I previously did
I did not miss the ground
I enjoyed the sound, that came aloud, from out the "music's" mouth
But still I pout
Having everlasting doubt
This dream is not forever
Feeling born yesterday
In a saddish place
A sullen face
Have forgotten my endeavors for....
What was I doing?
The object of this dream?
Nor happy as I seem, start looking for the scheme of this scene and.....
"Back to the beginning"
Angry oceans of pink have darkened
Music notes of angels sounds have grew angry like a spartan
The eye that I have motioned for Blackened
The eclipse has darkened the dream
Back to the scheme of gray
Ugly day
To my dismay
Can not seem to get away
High castle of sand are made on the shores of which this dream was born
This dream has seemed transformed
More relation to reality
Not only are the notes,
But flying monkeys coming after me
The surface starts to roar
Shaken are the shores
Sweat dripping down the pores
And I'm just searching for the door....An exit
Not remembering where this dream began
The places I ran were continuous sea and sand

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