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The Groom's Wooing Way

February 8, 2012
By Marieweibel BRONZE, State College, Pennsylvania
Marieweibel BRONZE, State College, Pennsylvania
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I've traveled a broken road
I was born along it's winding paths and seemed drawn to it's darkened ways
I could hide among it's banks and shed my tears behind it's trees
Like the wind I was swift to destroy but gentle in nature and soft in
Lonely was my silent world but solitude kept my secrets safe
Inside the forest lurked monsters tall and strong
Feeble arms of youth did fail me
Legs quick, with toughened feet could still not help in making an escape for me

As my heart dismayed and my hope deferred I became even less then a name
I learned the ways to live like the shadows of my nightmares did
I took pleasure from the sweet words of tender birds
Found mild peace in the sun's beams
Could whisper loud enough to lead a few strangers under my covering of leaves
But never did I trust enough to be lead away by the fleeting feet of my company
I was rooted to the earth with great loyalty

It wasn't until a rescuer came searching for me did I hear or see that there were other possibilities
He brought a light with Him and led the way
I experienced joy within His embrace
The cold barely nipped my nose
I walked, I ran, I crawled, but most of all He carried me..... away
I never saw the forest sing as I did underneath His wings
I now walk a lit, but narrow path
Every step is safe and clear as along as I cease to stray
Those that made my knees weak call out from somewhere but I dare not find out from where
Painful things have since ambushed me on my way but I let my Savior save every day

I live without shame
My bruises and scares He has over came
I feel abandoned no more
For my Lord has given me:
women on watchtowers for when I teeter or stumble
Men on horses with arrows to enter the battle before me
A family that extends past the norm
And a home where His name reigns above all

What more could I ask for?
How much more could I want?
I have a unconditional love all my own
Songs to sing and a friend for ever time of need
Eternity is before me and glory resided in me
What is left of life now is to see who will come and join me
And to free those that see only the looming of darkness that is behind me

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my on stage talent at a beauty pageant I competed in last year. haha if any of you knew me, you would know this was a humiliating night and I am not a stage person :P

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