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The Visit

January 22, 2012
By EthanCalhoun PLATINUM, Fairview, New Jersey
EthanCalhoun PLATINUM, Fairview, New Jersey
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I sat on top a stool
And saw a hole inside a wall
Smaller then an inch or two
It wasn't big at all
An endless thing
Or so I thought
The hole inside the wall
But inside the hole was very big
Though it looked so very small
I took my finger
Pinky finger
And stuck it in the void
I moved it round
I heard a sound
I heard a sudden noise
The noise was loud
The ground it shook
The wall began to crack
The wall itself just split in two
Just simple *crack* like that
A light it shuttered
Words they muttered
Inviting me inside
But through the crack i couldn't see
The joy it wants to hide
I moved the rocks
I kicked some stones
And broke into the wall
The light that flickered
Got so much bigger
Like there was no dark at all
I saw some trees
I felt the wind
The place just felt at peace
The rivers flowed
The sun it glowed
its smiling in the east
A stair case rose
Among the ground
And took me to the sun
We talked and thought On million things
Except on only one
I asked the sun
Where am I?
And He said the place of none
Why is there none
"There's only one" replied the smiling sun
"Its you I want and only you"
In till your dream is done"
Well end this dream
I will return
Ill tell people where I'm from
Ill tell them all about the trees, the rivers that I love
"I'm sorry boy"
He said with joy
So oddly I'm confused
"He say its only you I want"
With that I was amused
I laughed and rolled
I rolled and laugh
"Excuse me" said the sun
You want me to stay forever here
The sun you must be dumb
He flared and smoked
And then he spoke
Words louder then some thunder
"You will not and you can't not leave
This world of joy and wonder"
The rivers drained
The fields of grain
They burned in flames
The sun he shouts
"You can't get out, the place in which you came"
The mountains rumbled
Out the jungle
Animals flew and ran
"Your mind spreads wide
Your heart is gold, you can't leave understand"
"You are the reason why I wake up in the east
The ground under your feet was bred from all your make believe"
"My will is strong, I will not stay
I wield myself away
But with a promise" I said 2 him
"I'll come back another day"
The flames they vanished and then did the trees
So did canyons, the corn fields, the mountains and seas
The staircase that rose just slipped under me
And I landed in bed and fell fast asleep
But then every night after that when I dreamed
I played with the sun and we played Happily

The author's comments:
A lil mix of "Alice and Wonderland" and "Where the wild things are" I see out of this

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