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January 20, 2012
By Photographywonder PLATINUM, Unfortunetly, Texas
Photographywonder PLATINUM, Unfortunetly, Texas
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What is it?

It's me trying to help you
It's me trying to keep you from falling
It's me forgetting everything for you
It's me doing what I can for others but forgetting about me
It's me not pushing bad memories down but letting them go
It's me pulling back so I'm not hurt again
It's me not wanting to say I love you
because I don't know if it's real
It's me wanting to say it all but scared to say anything at all
It's me knowing there's others who have it worse than me
So I try not to complain
It's me not breaking
so I can hold someone else together
It's me watching you live your life
watching you pull away
watching you fall
and I can't help you
It's me not knowing what to do for you
But seeing your face
Breaks my own heart
More than it's already broken
It's me knowing what your going through
Because I've been through similar situations
It's me waiting
It's me not saying I love you
Because It's me whose learned not to let my gaurd down
It's me who's scared
Even though you can help me
It's you though
Your the only one I want to talk to

It's hard.

The author's comments:
This is a mix of emotions, friends, love, helplessness and just what was in my mind that wanted to come out and be said.

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