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In these thick, thick woods

February 16, 2012
By peaceout GOLD, Cleveland, Ohio
peaceout GOLD, Cleveland, Ohio
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Let the wind whisper my secret
To you in your drowsy sleep
Wake up from your afternoon nap
And hear my shaky, sharp weep.

The clouds they shutter
As you walk down the empty trail
Just trust your instincts, you know me
I know you won’t fail.

There, no there, just in that forest
The cracks of leaves sting under the flooring
My heart beats fast with rhythm to yours
Do you know if you don’t find me, those days will be four?

Through there, turn left, right at the broken tree
A part of me that didn’t sleep and instead decayed
To the branches that stick out, there! Stop!
I can’t believe you obeyed.

Now walk carefully with your eyes so beautiful
So sleepy, you are, and yet you came.
The sticks crack underneath your heavy steps
Like bones that ache, you are to blame.

Are you coming now? Are you here yet?
I’ve waited until my window shattered of your theft.
I want my heart back from your hands of deft.
Do you hear my desperate breath?

Do you hear the sea, smell the breeze, feel me?
Listen to the water, to the sky, to the leaves
Where in them of me do you see?
Now down that path, passed the tiny house of three.

Farther, now, farther deep deep deep.
Deep where you thought you’d buried me.
I’m still there, still singing, still waiting
Still begging. Isn’t it me that makes you free?

Crows tremble at your sight
They’re afraid for you, you poor poor boy
Love has made you a criminal, yes?
Made you play me like a toy.

Wait, shh…do you hear that now?
Look up! It’s thundering…do you see my eyes?
You’ve traveled miles and miles apart
Into your heart, you just now realize.

And there I am, sitting up in a tree.
My legs swinging back at forth on that broken branch.
I stare at you, and you stare at me.
You’ve lied, in your eyes love I see.

You can hear me, can’t you? For already you could
You found me in these thick, thick woods.

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