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Sell Out

February 13, 2012
By Beautifully_Broken95 SILVER, Abilene, Kansas
Beautifully_Broken95 SILVER, Abilene, Kansas
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For Real!?!?

Keep them happy that's all it is,
Even if you are miserable.
No one to vent to, no one to care,
Don't worry about yourself there's worse people out there.
Taking orders no please or thank you.
You willingly do just what anyone tells you.
You can't get mad depressed or mean.
You're a sell out it's not in your genes.
Here it comes.
About to explode.
Doing everything for everyone with nothing in return.
You break down.
You slow down, your fast paced life.
No one feels sorry.
Just get back up and continue the tasks.
Just keep everyone happy and hide your sadness behind the happy mask.

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