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March 6, 2012
By FutureSceneQueen BRONZE, Amherst, Ohio
FutureSceneQueen BRONZE, Amherst, Ohio
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Do what you love or die unhappy -m.shadows from avenged sevenfold

I need you next to me
Why can't you see, you're all that matters to me
I crave your touch, your love, your mere presence
You're the reality inside my head
You're the truth smothered in all the lies
The only one who can dry my eyes
Love cures my sickness
I'm closed off to the world, on lock-down
My only want is for decency
You tore me open and slithered inside
In the beginning, cautious
But then I realized you were my angel
If I had faith, you would be my savior
You're the only star in my black sky
You don't make sense
You're the only sense
My strategy, dedication to happiness
But that's a long path
I haven't come very far
I fell back to oblivion
And that's a hard drop
I was hoping you could catch me
But that's a transparent thought.

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I had a montage of emotions and thoughts and feelings that would only mean something when written like this. I appreciate your comments.

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