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The Triangles

March 19, 2012
By queennels17 PLATINUM, Wellington, Florida
queennels17 PLATINUM, Wellington, Florida
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The sun is out but it's still dark outside.

I walk down the halls
Triangles are all I see
People these days always want to be

Be what ?
Be them
Them ?
The group called “in”
They make everyone around them sell their souls and
Worship the cold.
But I won't fall for dirty tricks, they slowly pick at your brains
Until you're as worthless as a brick.

These silly people think they care
It's like they have nothing else to do but stare
But I keep my mouth shut, don't want any trouble
People these days are very good at playing stunt doubles.

Triangles, triangles !
What annoying little shapes
Why do people hurt themselves
Just to get a little taste.
People changing who they are just to be selected
But darling your beautiful, it's society that won't
Accept it.

Let them ridicule
They only do that because they want to get rid of you.
Never obey the dirty tricks they want you
To play.
Just stay away, and live life.
Stay away from the Triangles.

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