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March 26, 2012
By Mynameislindsayy SILVER, Seattle, Washington
Mynameislindsayy SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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"I'd rather just except who I am, what's the use of trying to change?"

The unconditional love and desire will make you do anything.
Make you want to see the stars... Or even make a wish on one.
It will make you believe that, possibly, the wish will come true.
It gives you hope, and hope is the only reason we live.
Hope is the desire and expatiation that we all share.
Hope that your other half will always want you,
Hope is that you will find your other half!
Even though we are misread, like the cover of a book,
And even though people don’t believe me when I say
I love you. You believe me.
Because love is never actually planned.
It doesn’t need a reason to happen.
But when love is true... not fake... You will know.
It will become your plan for the future.
It will become your reason of life.
Thank you for being my reason.

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For boo <3

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