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This Poem Is A Prick

March 10, 2012
By timevampire GOLD, Bellville, Ohio
timevampire GOLD, Bellville, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
Quoting yourself makes you an ass.

This poem is about you.

This poem wants to start rumors about you.

This poem wants to make you feel awkward.

This poem has always been about you.

This poem was born telling your story.

This poem sees right through you and that scares you.

This poem has you pegged.

This poem claims to know more about you than you know yourself.


This poem is a douche.

This poem is a prick and unapologetic.

This poem knows he has haters, but

This poem doesn't care because

This poem knows it has swag.

This poem is about you.

This poem is in answer to what

This poem thought when his brother poem was questioned.

This poem will point out your flaws.

This poem is arrogant and thinks you should repent.

This poem needs to get saved.

This poem, as stated before, is a prick.

This poem would say he was sorry for that, but

This poem doesn't want to lie.

This poem is a liar.

This poem tells the truth.


This poem talks about you behind your back.

This poem is untrustworthy and likes to grumble and criticize and whine.

Doll face,

This poem is patronizing.

This poem doesn't do drugs, but

This poem is higher than you.

This poem talks down to you.

This poem is overbearing and likes to push your buttons just for fun sometimes.

This poem can't see you punching anyone.

This poem may be a trap to get you to fly out here and punch the poems writer.

This poem thinks that that is the whole plan.

This poem is an inside joke that all are welcome to laugh at

Even though you don't know anything about

This poem.

This poem is about you.

In every single aspect.

This poem might even be you.

This poem copies you.


This poem could talk it would have me on the phone for hours.


This poem could dance it would dance to music I think is stupid.


This poem could laugh it would make my day.


This poem laughs with its mouth closed it sounds super funny like it may explode.

This poem finds that humorous.

This poem changes.

This poem isn't you, though.

This poem has a life of it's own.

This poem uses big words like simplicity,

To point out the irony that simplicity is a big word.

Because that's just how this poem rolls. Ya dig?

This poem is ADD.

This poem likes yogurt, but try's not to think about the bacteria.

This poem is the only lighthearted thing I've written in years.

This poem is a joke.

This poem is a sarcastic response to your text messages.

This poem is going to laugh when it thinks of people reading it.

This poem was written off the top my head. Apposed to the bottom?

This poem was the best this poem could be seeing that is was written in ten minutes.
This poem thinks it's to good for teenink.
This poem doesn't care if you like it.
Because its better than you.

This poem is proud of itself. It worked hard to get where it is now.

This poem is hot.

This poem sings like Barry White.

This poem dances like Michael Jackson.

But with more masculine leanings, and less pelvic thrusts.

This poem is classy.

This poem is so classy that

This poems cover of LMFAO's Sexy And I Know It was

Performed at the White House with a pump organ...

And was received with standing applause and tears.

And yes,

This poem did work it.

This poem is SWANKY.

This poem smokes cigars under the stars while listening to Bon Iver on vinyl.

This poem thinks your music choices should all be wrecked.

This poem sings Skinny Love.

This poem fits you like a glove. It's about you after all.

This poem hopes it made you a little nervous.

And if anyone tells you that

This poem was about them don't believe them.

Because it wasn't about them. Even if it was

This poem wouldn't admit it, just for fun.

This poem is easily entertained.

This poem was glad to take you on a rabbit trail.

This poem hopes to do it again.

This poem finds it funny that this poem wasn't about anything it said it was about.

This poem told you it was a liar from the beginning.

And that's the truth.

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