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Dreams and Reveries

March 12, 2012
By SWKit_kat GOLD, Janesville, Wisconsin
SWKit_kat GOLD, Janesville, Wisconsin
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Don't cry because it's over be happy because it happened

It's a dream
With fuzzy edges.
I can see a figure
But I don't know what it is

It is black and far away
The distance grows everyday
Every time I close my eyes
There it is but slowly dies
Like fire turning to ember and ash
And like a flash
It is gone.
I don't know what it is

But no longer do I see it in my dreams
My chest feels light as a feather
Like a weight lifted
And yet...
There is a tether
Something holding me back
Something pulling me back
I hear it whisper, "don't forget"
And I am filled with regret
Because I have forgotten
What I was not supposed to.

It's a dream
With fuzzy edges
I can see a figure
But I don't know what it is.

I hear a faint beat
Like drums,
Thrumming in a song.
Or maybe...maybe it is a heart

Suddenly a rush fills me
I remember what I once lost in memory
And now I see
That figure clearly
A smile fills my eyes
But my soul shatters
Suddenly I remember my cries
I was beaten and battered,
Or at least my heart was.

We weren't meant to be
At least that's what you said.
That's not what I thought.
We were two puzzle pieces that fit
Perfectly together
Through the roughest weather
We stood strong.
The win raked, but our step never faltered.

It's a dream
With fuzzy edges
I can see a figure
But I don't know what it is.

So there I lay broken,
Those words you had spoken...
What were they?
"If you fall I'll always be there to catch you"
No. Maybe...
"I'll pick up the pieces and hold you together"
Does that ring a bell?
Well I fell!
And look at this,
You're nowhere in sight!
You didn't catch me or pick up the pieces,
You didn't hold me together.

Now I'm back a square one,
You think I would be done.
But no, you're wrong.
I want to remember the times,
But all I remember are the bad.
We were always fighting,
At least from what I remember.
I no longer see the smile
And like a dial,
I turn your memory off.

The author's comments:
I am a part of a music group on Facebook and the creator said to make a poem. I asked him the topic and he said lost love and this is my interpretation :) I hope you enjoy

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