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That One Night

March 30, 2012
By SashaaFiercex3 PLATINUM, Flushing, New York
SashaaFiercex3 PLATINUM, Flushing, New York
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I can still recall every moment of that night
Every word, every movement
It haunts me every day
I can feel his hand move up my thighs and his hot breath on my neck
I know his intentions aren't good

His lips, my mouth
His hands, my waist
haunts me for years to come

He whispers " its okay, I'm not going to hurt you."
My body tightens with those words
and Goosebumps form on my skin

His mouth, my ear
His hands, my waist

those pictures are burning into my head
and they play like a broken record

His hands, my face
His tongue, my mouth

His hands slides down
And goes into places where they don't belong
Tears well up and fear rises as he continues to invade my personal space
His hands continue to explore my body
Having no boundaries
Nowhere is off limits

Skin to skin
Body to body
Our bare skin touches
And that's when the tears fall steadily

The only thing I can call my own was taken from me
A burning pain strikes me like alcohol on an open wound
I can't speak, I'm speechless
I'm broken and left with no words
A warm sensation trickles down my leg

His hands, my bra
His lips, my neck

Those words whispered into my ear
"It’s all going to be okay; don't cry."
I let out a hoarse cry for help
But nobody heard my pleads

My body goes numb and I begin to fade out
I can't take it anymore, I rejoice the strength I was once capable of and try to push him off of me
I was weak as a twig, he doesn’t budge
He pins my wrist to the bed and continues to cripple my dignity

His lips, my mouth
They meet for the last time
It felt like years I've been trapped in that room with him
After several minutes he get off of me and collected all his belongings
And walks away.
My body curls up and my eyes swell shut
His hands leave only temporary marks
But his actions last forever

A string of light enters my room
He turns around and says with a smirk
"What mommy doesn't know won't hurt her, right?"
I let out a helpless moan and his final words were
"Good that's daddy's little girl."
Now I'm alone, I lay in my bed defeated and skinned of my identity
I have these memories to eat away at me every single day

The author's comments:
This piece is based on books ive read about rape. this isnt based off me.

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