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Don't Let Me Drown

April 3, 2012
By cheetoz45680 DIAMOND, Bridgeport, Connecticut
cheetoz45680 DIAMOND, Bridgeport, Connecticut
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Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

A disappointment to myself,
A loner to those around,
Denying what I’ve done,
In the relief that I have found.

Content with pints of blood,
That I’ve lost to my self-harm,
The story that’s not worth it,
And said to be another false alarm.

No need to feel sorry,
No need to be sad,
Nor wishing to feel,
The love I never had.

As simple as that,
Just shut me down,
Lose me under sea,
And hopefully I’ll drown.

Don’t help me if I struggle,
Let’s hope I won’t survive,
Don’t bring me back to life,
Cuz I don’t wanna be alive.

If this is my decision,
Then I ask you to understand,
Just remember that I love you,
But I can no longer hold your hand.

I’m fading away from reality,
And falling into nothing,
I’m finally sinking in,
And out of nowhere I feel something.

I feel a light open inside,
And take over my sadness,
I see a world without tears,
And full of joy and happiness.

Perfect and satisfied,
Until I realize that I’m dead,
Regretting the moment when,
Suicide went through my head.

Unable to touch,
Unable to feel,
I’m staying this way,
So my scars will never heal.

Now I feel like s***,
I know I deserved to die,
I never took it seriously,
All I ever did was lie.

Forgive me for what I’ve done,
Although it may be too late,
I just love you so much,
But I was too full of hate.

Hate towards our world,
Hate toward my father,
Hate towards my siblings,
Hate towards my mother.

Hate towards myself,
Love towards you,
You let me drown,
Thank you.

After all,
It’s everything I wanted,
To disappear of the face of the earth,
And stop the dreams that taunted.

End my eternal misery,
Stop my never ending nightmares,
Cease my dreams and hopes,
Because no one ever cared.

No matter what I tried,
I couldn’t help but frown,
So that’s why I asked you,
“Let me drown”.

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