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Answer Me...

April 3, 2012
By cheetoz45680 DIAMOND, Bridgeport, Connecticut
cheetoz45680 DIAMOND, Bridgeport, Connecticut
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So am I really not trying hard enough?
Answer me....
Am I really not putting effort?
Answer me....
I'm trying so ******* hard,
Just to please us,
Of course you can't see that,
The only thing you see,
Is how I'm failing to live.
But you fail too,
You fail to see my sorrow,
My lonesomeness,
Don't tell me you've noticed.
Just keep pushing,
Until I fall off this cliff,
I'm a thousand feet high,
There's an extremely positive result,
I won't survive another fall.
My damage won't be repaired,
I'll die trying.
But hey, no worries,
It's all a joke to you,
Feel strong enough to take blame?
Of course you do,
You can do anything,
You have the strength of a thousand men.
You are the one who judges,
When you're the one that needs to be judged.
I'm falling and instead of giving me your hand,
You run over me,
Hurting me,
These wounds are too great,
It's too much.
The clear tears that come out through my eyes,
Are my signs,
And you fail to see them.
It's not so hard to see,
For people that mean nothing to me,
Have asked over and over,
What's wrong?
I answer nothing,
My head hurts.
In a way no I'm not lying.
Everything hurts right now,
Absolutely everything.
I'll lay down on my bed,
And talk to myself,
I'll cry myself to sleep,
Like I've done since I was 8.
Right, you never noticed did you?
You're so ******* stupid.
A hug and fake tears will solve everything.
But after that do you know what I do?
No you don't,
You're much too busy going on with your life.
I know I shouldn't,
But I want to,
So I go with my desires instead of my senses.
One, Two, Three......I lost count,
I think I stopped at Fifty-two.
Fifty-two scars added.
Do you know how much I've grown to hate your voice?
I despise it,
I hate hearing you,
I hate looking at you,
You inspire hate inside me,
You fill me with anger,
I hate you.
I honestly can't do it anymore.
I'm sorry,
It's not only you though,
It's everything.
I can't.
You're just another that doesn't understand.
You're clueless,
When you figure out my life,
I wonder what you're reaction will be,
Let's hope you don't find out.
You must never know of my past.
You just did nothing to help me,
You only pushed me further.
Why aren't you satisfied with me?
I'm tired of shedding myself,
I'm tired of crying myself to sleep,
I'm tired of breathing,
Because you can't call this living.
Is the way I live a way to live?
Answer me...
Another question thrown at you...
What will you do,
When you wake up,
And find me dead?
Answer me...

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