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Wait for Me

April 16, 2012
By Bluekit GOLD, Rockton, Illinois
Bluekit GOLD, Rockton, Illinois
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Oh Mommy, don't go
I will miss you
Isn't there any way
For you to stay

Oh Mommy, don't go
What about my birthday
That you promised you'd be there
And get me a present

Oh Mommy, don't go
You're fading away
Hold my hand Mommy
Never let go

Oh Mommy, please don't go
You're letting my hand go
You're crying and smiling
I love you Mommy

Oh Mommy, don't go
Why is Daddy pulling me away
Why do you close your eyes
Why aren't you waking up

Oh Mommy, I said not to go
But Daddy crying
And telling me you've gone away
Why do you go away

Oh Mommy, don't leave Daddy
He's still crying
And the doctor's covered you up
Why did he do that

Oh Mommy, don't go
Daddy's saying you've gone
Gone to heaven
Is it nice

Oh Mommy, don't go
I miss you
Daddy said to say goodbye
But I don't want to

Oh Mommy
The pastor's saying I'll see you
Once again in heaven
How far away is heaven, Mommy

Oh Mommy
I'll try to find heaven
So we'll be together again
PLease wait for me

Oh Mommy
I have to go
I'll try to find heaven
By the way, Mommy, I love you

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