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Broken Friendships

April 22, 2012
By anavit15 SILVER, Naperville, Illinois
anavit15 SILVER, Naperville, Illinois
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They make things up
Just to pull me down
They say
“Hey girl, I’m your friend, I wouldn’t do that”
Yea, that’s what I thought too
Guess we were both wrong, huh?
When I start to succeed
They try to make me fail
They call me an ally
But treat me worse than an enemy
They say we’re teammates
But they never pass me the ball
When I start to surface the water
They’re the first to push me back down
When I start to smile
They want to see me frown
They stir up rumors
Just to get everyone talking
They want my confidence shattered
They want my friends against me
They want to see me in pieces
Just so they can laugh
And move on
Never stopping to think about
The scars they’ve left

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