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Best Friends

April 26, 2012
By aclee0626 PLATINUM, Woodbury, Minnesota
aclee0626 PLATINUM, Woodbury, Minnesota
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When my world is falling apart
When no one is there
When I’m left alone
You’re always there
Helping me
Picking up my world
And putting it back together

I trust you with everything
Won’t hold anything back
I pour my life onto you
And I know you’ll never leave
We only grow closer
Closer than we’ve ever been before

But that’s what you’re here for
You’ve always got my back
You’re the one I can be myself around
The only one I truly laugh with
The one I can talk to
About anything and everything

I hope you know
Our friendship goes both ways
I’ll never leave
Through thick and thin
I’m always here
I’ll always support you and protect you

What we have is special
One of a kind
I feel your sadness
You feel my pain
I feel your happiness
You feel my joy

We’re connected through friendship
Bonded like sister
And that will never change
As long as we live
Because that is what
Best friends do
I love you

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