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Who You Are

May 9, 2012
By PassionOFtheArt SILVER, Jonesboro, Georgia
PassionOFtheArt SILVER, Jonesboro, Georgia
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I've become a part of her,
I see her inside and out
She doesn't know that I'm watching her
My existence still a blur

When she expresses herself I try to be her help
I show her that she's normal, tell her just be yourself
Sometimes she looks at me and smiles-but deep down inside she hides and frowns

Her friends I've met I see her wondering eyes
That one special friend, one touch, one glide
I watch her closely, I see her blossom bloom
Her lips, that touch, that sunny afternoon
She loves her, in more ways than one

I'm a split image of you, I know who you are
Girl, it's your mirror talking, don't you try and run
I've seen more of you than the moon, the sky, and the sun
Open up, tell the world; say the word, say it loud,
Hey world, it's me, I'm lesbian and I'm proud

The author's comments:
In class we had to write about the struggles of teens today in our society, of our generation.

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