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I am not...

May 13, 2012
By MatalinNoel PLATINUM, Lexington, Indiana
MatalinNoel PLATINUM, Lexington, Indiana
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I am not an Angel.
You should know that by now.
I am a cold blooded killer in the very least.

I am not a Demon.
You should know that as we’ll.
I do not murder and I do not maim.

I am not Good.
My heart is not perfect.
I am not a porcelain doll untouched by the world.

I am not Evil.
My heart is not empty.
I am not a possessed puppet fed by pain.

I am none of these things.
You should know that.
I am simply myself.

Who am I?
Why would you ask?
You should know.
If not, then figure it out yourself.

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