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Death to Life

May 31, 2012
By Antlers GOLD, Perryton, Texas
Antlers GOLD, Perryton, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Evil is non-existent in the eyes of the heart.

Lost pride.
Broken stride.
I've tried,
No one is on my side.
I've f*ck*ng died.
Freedom is denied,
Its time to reply.
With fridged metal gliding across my skin,
This barrel will end my sin.
A simple bullet to the chin.
At the sound of a bell,
Released from your cell,
Your ripping and tearing,
Your snaring and glaring.
No sharing.
No caring.
My nostrils now flaring.
My eyes contain sorrow.
My body can't carry on through tomorrow.
My fist clinches.

A new found beast is unleashed,
Broken from a chain leash.
I'm insane.
Why the hell is my death in vain!?
I hope you feel gain,
As my blood stains.
As no strain obtains the trigger.
As no sane is up for barter.
You cry,
Dance and praise at the alter,
Yet you laugh at my faulter,
The black in my dress.
My process..
Transgressing stress.
You've messed with every bit.

-"maybe I shouldn't quit?"
-"maybe I should stop this fit?"
f*ck it.
The trigger is pulled,
The cold bullet soars.
breaking through:
Every thought
Every memory
Every enemy
Every tear
Every fear,
My ear
I can hear.
All of life is clear,
For once,
I cheer.
no longer being called a queer,
Nor suffering sexier.
This i for you,
My peer.

Bright light forces me to decide,
Which path ill go by.
Which will make me hide?
Which will be hell inside?
Which is a mistake?

I'll see where this one leads,
Despite the ache,
breaking to path,
Letting go my wrath,
Drenched in my own blood bath.

I trust the vile snake,
For my own sake,
He chooses my fate.
My heart? is first to be taked.
Ripped apart.
piece by piece,
begins my search for the prince of peace.
Forced down,
On my knees,
Willing to pay fee,
At the fear of the lethal blows,
Felt by the devils bow.
Arrows strike the path narrow.
The other path appeared a worthless hall.
slow and easy,
I thought.
yet long and hard is what i've bought.
lodging within,
I'm falling into my own sin,
Into an endless bin.
In the darkness stretched a hand,
Reaching a man,
From virgin kin,
Eternal divine.
I'm dodging the devils arrows,
The man so kind....

Refined my blind,
Replenished my mind,
His death inclined,
The hope of mankind.
Broken from the bind,
Now on the right side.
Light shines.
no longer with fright,
The man in white begins to fight,
With great might.
slaying and flaying.
ceased the dark,
No longer is my heart apart.

This is a new start

The author's comments:
Being a highschool student I've noticed lots of bullying. Unnecessary rudeness, driving people to complete anguish. I managed to sum it up, mixed in with personal ordeals of my own to fixate a poem. In the end, Leaving hope through religion.

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