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The End of the Maze

May 20, 2012
By Shining.With.Crystal.Clarity SILVER, Bristol, Virginia
Shining.With.Crystal.Clarity SILVER, Bristol, Virginia
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"The Doctor talks to himself sometimes, because he's the only one who knows what he's talking about!"
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"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen..."
~Hebrews 11:1

"Aim small, miss small."

It’s a magnet, that instrument,
With the ivory keys.
Shining, inviting,
And waiting.

There’s no book lying on top,
Or written music beside,
But the old silver notes
Find themselves
In the back of my mind.

Slowly I seat myself
On the mahogany bench,
And my fingers, hesitantly,
Are drawn to the keys.

The notes in my head
Are now reality,
As my fingers remember
The black and white maze.
Every turn, every twist, every movement.
And I remember.

I recall an old life,
With God, music, and him.
The music guiding,
Bringing joy,
The man loving,
And God doing all three.

The tears stream down my face,
As I still remember
What happened after that.
The sin that followed,
The failure that happened,
And my rebellion.
And how he left because of it.

But as I play, something happens,
Real, repentant tears fill my soul.
The music is healing,
Repairing that old life
That shattered, years ago.

My song has returned,
In my heart, He’s back.

A familiar hand touches my shoulder.
Eighteen years of good memories
Come to me again;
Causes me to turn around,
It’s him.

Now I see the holy light at the end of my dark tunnel of sin.
Now I see the end of the maze.
It all makes sense now,
And I am fully healed.

The author's comments:
Maybe it sounds really cliche, but playing the piano always makes me feel better, and so the idea for this poem came from that.

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on Mar. 15 2013 at 6:15 pm
pulledheartstring, San Jose, California
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Favorite Quote:
The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. -- Mahatma Gandhi

My fingers tingle when I read this poem. Gah. I love piano too.

on Jun. 11 2012 at 5:26 pm
beachychick BRONZE, Grass Valley, California
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Perfection is not doing everything perfectly all the time, perfection is being able to look in the mirror and say at you tried everything you could- you've given it your all, you've done everything you can to make yourself better. That is perfection

This is amazing. It is the best poem I have ever read about music. Seriously. Amazing. Wow. I especially love the first paragraph/lines. So lovely!!

on Jun. 8 2012 at 11:39 am
AdrienneMPayne SILVER, Gainesville, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
I write because it silences the voices in my head.

You...  You put in me tears.  This flows like a song...  I can feel the swells and ripples of the notes... And I feels this deep inside me, because I can relate to it...  Almost exactly.  Beautiful.