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Beautiful Me

June 10, 2012
By SoCalBarbie SILVER, Riverside, California
SoCalBarbie SILVER, Riverside, California
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Favorite Quote:
"whoever said the sky is the limit was incorrect, because I saw footprints on the moon."

thats what they say
when i ask
"how did i look today?"

thats how they describe me
when i smile

it got me this far
and now im a shining star

nut my looks aren't everything.
their just a gold ring
i wear
like a shield of armor
or a sword i bare
i against the world
where i am the one and only girl

i walk the walk
i talk the talk
but my smile lies
about what my eyes hide

im invincible-
bullets of silver couldn't bring me down
cuz im rockin a golden crown
building up my power
to remind them that in this life-
im like the eiffel tower

tall and grand
i rule over this land

but my frame is hollow
my days
seem to lag on and on
like the rise of dawn, that feels to be an eternity
from its fellow friend, the sunset

i am the sun that rises
but never sets
im the winner who took all the prizes
and won all the bets

yet somehow
i stand alone
somewhat lost
on a path i never thought id cross

why when i am the 4 points on the compass to those around me
can i still not find my own way home?
why when i am the roof over the heads of those around me
am i still out in cold lost and all alone?

i forgot my own name
when the players changed
but the game
stayed the same

i won
round one

but couldnt play through
round two

and started losing pieces of me
by round three

by level five
i was hardly still alive

The author's comments:
i'm tired of people seeing my outside appearance and saying "oh shes a model shes living the dream!" or "your a model you should be happy- your life rocks!" when in reality being what society considers "beautiful" does NOT make everything better!! being "beautiful" or "a model" really doesn't show me on the inside im not always that barbie girl!

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