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Half of Our Love Story

May 31, 2012
By redhairCat PLATINUM, Pebble Beach, California
redhairCat PLATINUM, Pebble Beach, California
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I only know my half of our love story
And you only know
Your side of the story
Not mine – only I do
You think that I’m blushing
But it’s just my blush
I remember our first date
When you were talking about the formation of a star
And God, I just wanted you to
Shut up and kiss me
Which you eventually did
I remember my first falling star
And all I wished for was a happy life
Looks like my wish came true
Because I’m still stuck with you
I remember when we met
My papers flew off the balcony at school
When I picked them up, you were there
So enthusiastic and bright to meet me
I never thought we’d meet up again
But we got cast together in the school play
And when the drama coached asked
You said that your character thought mine was pretty sexy
I remember when you slipped your arm around me
I brushed it off and was so embarrassed
I thought you were being fresh
So I wrote you a note
Saying not to do that anymore
At least not at rehearsal
I remember
I wrote you lots of notes
Some epic letters filled with tears
During the time we almost broke up
And more recently love notes
Filled with long loopy cursive
That you can’t read very well
I remember
When you asked me to the Halloween dance
I didn’t want to go with you
Because I secretly wanted to ask someone else
But when I did, he said
“You? I’d have to think about it”
I was so insulted
And when you persisted and risked asking me again
A few weeks later
I figured, “What the heck, sure
At least you won’t grind with me”
I remember writing songs about us
The ups and downs
And singing Taylor Swift to you
Until my face turned blue
You hate Taylor Swift
I remember all the times you teased me
For when I confused “erotic” for “erratic”
And I believed you when you told me
That Dr. Pepper was your dentist
My lack of knowledge on current culture holds me back
I’m perpetually stuck in Walt Disney and Scooby-Doo
Oh and Taylor Swift
Guess I’m an “interesting girl”
As you call me
You also call me lots of other things
Like Lady and “my love”
And I call you Danger
Because that’s your M.O.
I remember calling you
Texting you
Skyping you
Emailing you
Basically making you the center of my virtual universe
You haunt my picture library
You pop up as my screensaver
And I bet I’d even make an emote of you
If I knew how
And it doesn’t stop even when the plug is pulled
From the outlet
You squirm into my dreams
And flash through my mind
The pages of our story flip before my eyes
Like a hurricane wind is blowing them
I can vividly see us
Dancing backstage to the piano music during Intermission
Kissing passionately against the rocks with the frigid ocean
Rippling and splashing around our bare rolled up pant legs
Feeling your hand slowly run down my back or
Sensing the tingle down my spine when you kiss my neck
Grabbing each other in a warm embrace and
Holding on like we’ll never let go
Laughing so hard our sides ache and
Singing together in my driveway after school
Skipping merrily down the street
Holding each other's hands
Knowing that someday it all could end
But hoping that it is just the beginning
Of our love story

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