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Back on earth?

June 20, 2012
By Princesspiper84 SILVER, Lodi, New Jersey
Princesspiper84 SILVER, Lodi, New Jersey
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Motto: There's no life without death, mistakes, and missury

I wake up in complete darkness where im supposed to be dead.
"Am i dead yet?" I asked looking around.
"Yes you are dead just like me," A familiar voice said.
I looked around and saw james right next to me all bloddy and i looked down and i gasphed.
I was bloody!

"What did you do!" I screamed at him.
"I didnt do anything you did this," He said pointing towards a light. "And it looks like our ride to heaven or hell is coming."
I gulped and got scared for a second, then walked towards the light with james.
We arrived in like a court room where a big guy came in front of us.

"HA ITS GOD!" I yelled. "never thought he was real."
God snickered, "Oh thats great the 3 thousandth time i heard that in my mellenium."
I flinched man god was uptight much so i kept quiet.
"Now on to buisness," He looked inside a massive scroll that flew all over the place in the court room. "AH-HA. Here you two are James and Ez. Looks like you went down the love train huh?"

We argued against god at the same time and he banged his over sized... was that a duck?
"Now you two are very young and your crimes are as big as the pasifict ocean. But you two dont diserve hell," He smiled evily. "I'll give you a better punishment."
What could b worse then death? I thought as i shrugged.
James looked at me then looked away, was i seeing blush?

"You guys will go back to earth." God said. "But you will live together and love each other and never fight again."
"WHAT!" We said at the same time and started to argue.
Then god squirted... lotion??
He squirted it at us and we flinched as it went on us.

"Well," James began to say. "It wont be that bad."
"What you mean it wont be that bad," I asked looking at him.
"Well let me explain why i left you in the frst place," He said.
Even though i didnt care on what he said i listen cause for some reason my heart said to give him another chance.

James sighed and then spoke, "I... i had to leave because i was falling to much into you. All i wanted was your blood but i wanted it to be so much more. So i had to leave. To learn if i found other tastes other then you. But now i notice."
He paused and grabbed my hand and looked at me in the eyes. "I notice now that your the only one for me and I cant resist to stay with you forever."

My heart fluttered.
He left because he wanted to be with me?
"So do i take it that you would agree to these terms," God said disturbing our moment.
"I do," James said as if we were getting married.
I gulped and said the first thing that came to my mind since he said all that, "I do."
"I know pronounce you ALIVE!" He hit his squeeky duck and sparkles started to go around us.

James cuffed my cheek and kissed me and for once i felt like the first time i met him.
I felt free and in love as i kissed him back my very bein felt whole.
Then once i opened my eyes we were in the castle laying together inside his bed.
Together at last, she thought as she layed her head on his chest and relaxed.

She was mortal, and she was happy with her man.

The author's comments:
Hey guys if you read my poem series Vampire love you'll definatally love this after life ending. Enjoy!

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