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The Swimmer

June 28, 2012
By Ariya GOLD, Charleston, South Carolina
Ariya GOLD, Charleston, South Carolina
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That moment when you secure your goggles over your head,
And try to remember every word your swim coach ever said,
Your stomach ties itself in knots,
Your mind wanders to lunches tater tots,
You quickly push the thoughts away,
No room for thoughts other than swimming today,
You step up on the block,
And tune out the distant chatter and talk,
Bend and take your mark,
No longer human but a cold blooded shark,
The buzzer goes off incredibly loud,
Then you can't spare a thought for the onlooking crowd,
You dive and experience the instant that feels like flying,
Perfectly graceful without even trying,
The second your fingertips hit the pool,
The water envelopes you wholehearted and cool,
When you swim you're in control,
With no one else to take the toll,
Each kick and pull carries you froward,
All you can hear from the crowd is fractured cheers and an offhand word,
You love the feeling of flying,
Gliding through water,
Graceful without trying.

The author's comments:
I've been swimming on a summer league swim team for four years and I love it. You're supposed to write about what you know and what you love.

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