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Sticky Tape

June 29, 2012
By Frankieeee BRONZE, Woodridge, Illinois
Frankieeee BRONZE, Woodridge, Illinois
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As I remove our memories
and the pictures upon my wall
trying to cover up my traces
and remembrance of it all.
I thought this would make it better
I thought that I was through
but there was little tape marks covering up my room.
I put everything in a box
and threw it out the door
but as I walked back in
I realized there was more
Upon my barren wall I look
With no trace of you
except outlines of little small squares
where you once were.
I put a poster over the mark
but it didn't seem to stay up
I realized that this wasn't my time
for our relationship to give up
The thoughts wont go away
no matter how hard I scrub
My heart cannot be cleared
of your voice, smile, and hugs
I remember everything you were to me
and think about how that's done
I look upon the marks that cover my wall
and as i look at my heart there was a similar figure
Just a piece of sticky tape reminding me of you
No matter how hard I try
It cannot be removed.

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