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Yet to Come

June 19, 2012
By XCLover GOLD, Sandpoint, Idaho
XCLover GOLD, Sandpoint, Idaho
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I’m sitting on the dock
Staring out at the gray water
It’s calm and cool today
I hear a car door shut
I turn my head and watch
As you walk down the hill
You come and sit next to me
Wrap your warm arm around my shoulders
We sit quietly, part of nature
I lean against you
We talk a bit, and laugh
Eventually we tip over backward
Landing on the dock
With a soft thud
My head lands on your chest
My arm wrapped around you
As yours are around me
I close my eyes
It’s so quiet here
The waves rock the dock
Gently making me sleepy
Oh to fall asleep here
Safe and warm in your arms
Head on your chest
To wake up and look into your eyes
I smile to myself
The dream slipping away for now
A perfect moment
Perhaps yet to come

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