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Too Lost....

July 8, 2012
By Butterfly107 SILVER, Ault, Colorado
Butterfly107 SILVER, Ault, Colorado
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You are not now, what you will become.

I am lost.
The Forest too thick to find my way out,
Thorns surround me,
Catching my skin,
Tearing me apart,
Leaving me bleeding,
Trapped with the pain.

It's all so dark,
The direction i entered,
Is now a complete mystery.

The fog is far too heavy for me too see,
Even the things that are right in front of me,
I can not escape it,
It follows me,
No matter what direction i turn.

I'm in too deep,
There is no way I can be found.

I'm left here to die,
Drowning in my regret.

No one will find me,
If they do,
They will only find remains,
Small pieces of the girl they once knew,
Too small to ever be put back together.

I'm in too deep,
I'm too far gone,
Too far lost,
I can't be saved.

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