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The Taste of Love and Lightning

August 2, 2012
By ZenGirlAngel BRONZE, Beaver, Iowa
ZenGirlAngel BRONZE, Beaver, Iowa
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"Learning to fly is Easy, all you have to do is throw yourself at the ground. . . and miss"

It dances in with bright angel wings,

suddenly, and ever so gently with little plips and plops,

and growing into pitters and patters on housetops,

but the lucky ones can taste it in the air,

thick and heavy until it thins and breaks,

cracks I thought only hearts could take,

breaking like dawn above our foolish heads,

ours eyes trained on the unassuming ground,

umbrellas above to protect our dry parched hearts,

but the coolness creeps in and changes us,

makes us calmer, cooler, teaches us how to love, how to forget, how to be

wrapping us in the ununderstandable, like swaddling babes,

but like cattle we stare stupidly, green grass and slaughter in twain,

blood running across the ground, like children in spring,

stupid animals we are we hide or drown,

but the birds stop their songs and clear the crystal cut air,

so they may dance when the music rolls clear

and paint the skies in deep grays and crisp blacks and cerulean blues,

and royal blues, and tender grays, calm darkness’s hue,

and little yellow flashes in between,

which strikes the earth and tall, proud trees,

tinging the cool air, the taste of love and lightning,

settles heavy on our tongues, the things we have long forgot,

shrouding the beauty we, a blind sad race, do not see,

dusk gray mists, and the tingling taste of a forgotten first kiss,

like hope, cool, or bright electric joy,

it washes away the darkness behind our hearts,

and lurking on our fingertips, plotting and planning,

to blight any hope that we may have,

just dying to start wars and pain and injustice,

to steal away and corrupt our bliss,

break our hearts, the pieces we do not miss,

it purifies, washing away our human filth,

drowning out the disease and stench and decay,

our poisons we filled our virgin earth with,

a human plague across the cool, green earth,

our scars and sores,

and leaving not a single trace, of anything unclean, or out of its place,

the darkness that darkness drove,

without being seen, purified with love,

like love it keeps no record, not a single memory,

and drowns it all away,

never an move in anger, or an apology will it take,

cool and crisp it wipes away,

all the small tears we have shed this day,

and makes them small in its great multitudes,

cooling like an angel’s breath,

leaving its damp lightness over the skyline, over our broken hearts,

so bright eyed and filled with wonder,

we may learn to love again.

The author's comments:
I love the rain. I absolutely love it. The way the thunder rolls like my heartbeat. I wrote this after a wonderfully heavy thunderstorm. The words danced in my head as I walked through the crisp and light after storm drizzle, so bright and tasting of purity. . . If only it would rain like that again...

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