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August 6, 2012
By Alixchica66 SILVER, Vicksburg, Michigan
Alixchica66 SILVER, Vicksburg, Michigan
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"Oh, so you have enemies? Good, that means you've stood up for something you believe in." -Marshall Mathers

Sticks and stones
Won't break my bones
But her words
Will always hurt me

I try and I try
To make things right
But things are not
How they should be

With Dad I feel
With her I feel
She knows how to bring forth
My every tear

She says I'm like Mom
Even though I know
But she wants me to believe it
And somehow I let her

Insult me
Break me
I'm stronger than this
But my confidence crumbles
With every diss;

'I'm an ignorant child'
'I don't know what I'm saying'

This is me at night
On my knees and praying

That something will help
Cure this hate
Just one thing
Would really be great

To be free of her grip
To take my own rein
To live my own life
To get rid of my pain

You're reading this now
You think that it's art
But this is my life
And it isn't the start *

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