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the memory of him

September 5, 2012
By mrow363akarobinhood GOLD, Jenks, Oklahoma
mrow363akarobinhood GOLD, Jenks, Oklahoma
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you look down and walk through the halls that remind you of him and the way he hurt you your eyes cry another tear your heart tries to hide in fear afraid of what they'd say if they saw you this way your heart breaks as you awake every day in pain each second is a struggle to hold in the emotions that overflow and threaten to drown you as you struggle with pain you walk the halls each day your fake smile as your hair hides your crying eyes no one sees the pain as you slip through the day unchanged you walk home in tears remembering all the time spent with the one who broke your heart feels like it's ripped apart as your breath catches the pain never fades and it feels like you slip to death more each day

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