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I Am Rob

September 18, 2012
By switchfoot SILVER, Lewisville, Texas
switchfoot SILVER, Lewisville, Texas
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I am Rob
I’m as slick as a fox
Yesterday I stole from Bob
I took his shiniest rock
Master of sneaky
I take what I please
What I do isn’t even tricky
It comes at ease
Watches, pens, and random items
get stashed in my pocket
then people can’t find them
I can’t resist money or a locket
Dylan’s golf hat is tempting
I walk up and take position
He’s to talking to Ann and not looking,
so I steal it without hesitation
Five hours later my mother comes to pick me up
Lately my head is itchy, so I constantly scratch
I steal my mother’s green coffee cup
and glance around for other items to snatch
My mother can’t believe her eyes
My hat and head have lice
Now, I want to die
I plead and promise not to steal ever again
as I look up at the sky
not even mother’s fancy red pen
I won’t steal, and I’m not telling a lie

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on Oct. 3 2012 at 8:12 pm
Violin_Lover1996 BRONZE, Lewisville, Texas
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Lovely how his name tells all about his characteristics. :)

on Sep. 27 2012 at 8:54 pm
What a story. :) I like the riddles, and rhythmic in your poem Karla. Also I love how most of them a rhyme with a line above it. Although the lice kind of giving me a shudder. ;)

on Sep. 23 2012 at 11:18 pm
  I LIKE your poem very much. It has a great message about the consequences of stealing, and it is good to see how  Rob learned a very important lesson in life, which is honesty. You rock switchfoot! Congratulations! Love and mercy