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you and me

September 25, 2012
By MyFinalDestiny GOLD, Central City, Pennsylvania
MyFinalDestiny GOLD, Central City, Pennsylvania
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"stay golden" the outsiders

lips as soft as velvet
a heart as full as the sea
his mind a white abyss
he gives me a never ending kiss
his eyes ever roaming
his body forever soaring
an even though he love not of me
i shall forever persist
in the world of love
your name shall forever remain on thy lips

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gangnamstyle said...
on Oct. 8 2012 at 5:47 pm
gangnamstyle, Spokane, Washington
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For on this world i wait for thee, your love is vast, like a sea. And that never ending kiss will never change until the dawn of the sun, you can try and run but the taste draws you back. My name shall persist, to remain on your lips, from now until time itself can not contain our love, when we meet again our locked loved shall be carried into the sky, like pinocchio if he told a lie, for you are the one for me until the end of the earth itself.