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Cinder Block Wall

September 27, 2012
By PoisonMind PLATINUM, Vallejo, California
PoisonMind PLATINUM, Vallejo, California
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Behind this cinder block wall
As high as a redwood tree
You can feel its presence looming over you
Bricks build to withstand storms
Firmly planted
Permanently immobile
This wall has been bombarded
By soldiers' aggressive advance
Never to be defeated
Winds howl through cracks
Whistling merciless taunts to its foes
Eagles scream from their perches
Nests made high above
Above, on top of the cinder block wall
A domain not even the gods could diminish
Imaginations can only run wild
Dreaming of lands beyond the wall
Far beyond
This cinder block wall

The author's comments:
Don't know where this came from...

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