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Caliber Pike

October 19, 2012
By C-rizzle BRONZE, Brewton, Alabama
C-rizzle BRONZE, Brewton, Alabama
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Caliber Pike says not what he MEANS anymore.
He keeps the truth locked inside:
Like something he’s trying to hide.
He doesn’t mean what he says anymore.
Words are only discreet KEYS-
To get what he desires.

He disguises his THOUGHTS.
Hides his all.
He lives life as if at a masquerade ball.
He is the grand owner of MASKS.
The champion at pretending.
So many masks.

He wears one every day.
Lives in FEAR that
If he removes it,
There may lie no FACE underneath.

But if such a face exists,
Will it be ACCEPTED?
Will it be taunted?
Will it be LOVED?
Or will it be shunned?

Shunned back,
Back under yet another MASK.

He monitors his words to PROTECT his feelings.
He wishes to feel nothing,
Save what is SAFE and popular.
But such CONTROL of his mind is uncalled for.
So he keeps it INSIDE.

Each day like POISON in his system.
All the words, all the hurt,
All the PAIN
He kept confined.

And his life he spent,
To wish, to BE to call himself
Anything other than his own name.
To feel a HEART other than his own beat.

So day after DAY,
Every stone on his path turned gray.
Caliber Pike puts a new layer of protection
Between himself and the WORLD.

Many would have TRIED to understand.
Yet, he did not leave open a door.
So those souls to share his burden weight
Never did EXIST.

So he knew not a FRIEND,
But instead was a slave to people’s demands.
Hoping only to be anyone but HIMSELF.

And when DEATH did take,
Young Caliber Pike,
Who he really WAS,
Only GOD knew.

The author's comments:
I hope that from this, people can understand that everyone doesn't always show their emotions or how they feel because they're so busy trying to fit in and be accepted, or loved. How much do people really tell us about themselves? And how much is just an act?

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on Mar. 16 2014 at 11:00 pm
Laydi_Makaveli, Great Mills, Maryland
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"No One Has The Power To Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent"- First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt

I really like this poem. You have great potential. like a blinding potential, and when I read this its like..whoa you can convey emotion so well. I cant wait to see what writing you do after these.