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I Wish

October 25, 2012
By CreativeWriter2015 SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
CreativeWriter2015 SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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I wish that I could have you by my side.
I wish I could relive those days,
With you.

I wish you didn’t leave,
That you were still here with me;
Laughing and wishing the day would never end.

I wish you would understand
How important this is to me
But you don’t and
I wish you did.

You left me hanging there,
All by myself in the rain,
In the dark with
No candle light.

I wish we could’ve done
Better than other couples
But you turned your back on me.

I was confused,
People kept asking what happened
And I had no explanation.
You weren’t there to tell them off,
You weren’t there to protect me,
I was trapped in my shell.

I wish you knew
How I am now;
Sad, lost, heart-broken.
Please come back and help me
Stand up again.
I am not a dog, I am not a
‘possession’, no, I am a girl
Who was pushed down, laughed at
For her feelings.
Don’t you understand?
Don’t you care?
Don’t you want to know more?

I still have some
Of your things in my room,
Memories float in midair,
My head spins in circles
That I can’t control.

I wish you were here
To explain it all to me.
Instead of me asking about.
Where did you go?
Are you burrowed up inside your house?
Why won’t you call so we can talk?
I’ve tried but won’t bother
You’re not here with me
But I wish
You were

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