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Caged by Sadness

November 23, 2012
By MaddyThepoet PLATINUM, Centralia, Illinois
MaddyThepoet PLATINUM, Centralia, Illinois
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You wait for me with sadness in your eyes
I see how much you cry inside
Your heart tries to push through the anger you feel
You close your eyes and wish for a new real
You try to find an answer to life
But all you get is strife 
Your love that you once had ,has diminished into the dust of the earth
All wish is to be loved by the ones you see
But you have nothing to lean upon, you are locked up in a world of pain, you just want to be free
You see my smile and it gives you hope for that moment in time
But when I leave ,you know nothing will be fine
Your hope is lost as a grand of sand on a shore
Your pain glows around you, you feel tore
Your life seems to long day after day
You wished someone would say
I will hold you in your time of need 
Your hunger for love I will feed
But you hear nothing but anger from the ones you see
But ones try to help you feel free 
But you seem to taken from the ones who care
Now all you can do is stare
Stare at the happiness around your cage of depression 
You long for more then a possession 
You long for someone to care for you
For someone to love you for true
So you stay to yourself locked up by sadness
You keep from happiness 
You dig deep into your skin to drown your mental  pain
But your pain stains 
It stains your heart
Tears start
You keep waiting for a hero to come and save you
But silence prevails true
Your wrists and ankles keep close to your cage
You heart is full of rage 
No one came 
No one can tame 
The anger has grown into a beast 
The love is in the least
No one came to save
You never want to be brave
Your strength has been lost waiting for me
Now I see
I have let you drown
Now you have no sound
All I can do 
Is wait, pray, and say sorry to you
For I know what I have done to you

The author's comments:
I wanted to dedicate this piece to someone who I have met, but I also want to show all the others out there; you are not alone.

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