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The Depths of the Loss

November 21, 2012
By WaffleOcean2934 PLATINUM, Rogers, Minnesota
WaffleOcean2934 PLATINUM, Rogers, Minnesota
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Sadness swells in my obstructed eyes
It's overwhelmed by what it's holding
It falls
It falls slowly and hot down my cheek
It falls remembering the pain of how it got there
My tongue then drowns in the salty sea
Because my mind tells me you never cared
And it's true
If you cared, you would've shown affection
But here I stand, screaming to your image
If you thought leaving me was my protection
Then you won't know how I am brutally damaged
I try so hard to tell me broken mind
To forget as he's forgotten that I'm alive
Because I break when I see a daughter in his arms
And it's torture when he can't see my whispering cries
I'm on the floor screaming for his love
He never comes
He never will
I'm forgotten
Forever will

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