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If I wanted to Dance

December 8, 2012
By Elizabeth-of-rohan PLATINUM, Abbeville, Louisiana
Elizabeth-of-rohan PLATINUM, Abbeville, Louisiana
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"you are tired (i think) of the puzzle of living and doing; and so am i. come with me, then, and we’ll leave it far and far away—" - e.e. cummings

So if I wanted to Dance,
Would you let me?
Would you untie my wings
And let me fly?

I know you’re weary,
I know that I’m your enemy,
I know you can’t trust me,
Try this once for me?

If I wanted to sing,
Would you let me?
Would you remove the barriers of speech,
And let me charm the birds?

I’m really quite harmless,
This I assure you,
I’m not supposed to be here,
I don’t want to fight you.

If I wanted to hold your hand,
Would you let me?
Would you unlock the cage,
Just for a moment.
Here’s my hand,
See? I’m not all that bad,
Unlock the cage, please,
I can’t stay in here forever

Come closer boy
I’m not your enemy
Come closer dear,
See? There’s nothing to fear.

I’m harmless, this I swear,
I just want to be free,
Come closer boy
Come close

The author's comments:
What I was seeing here was a girl, probably a faerie of sorts locked in a cage, trying to bewitch a guy into letting her free.

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