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December 11, 2012
By Aramis_999 PLATINUM, Matthews, North Carolina
Aramis_999 PLATINUM, Matthews, North Carolina
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The night of broken glass.
Like a window shattered,
And a mirror broken,
And their fragments mix together

The Jews and Gypsies are beaten,
And killed.
Churches burn,
The window is shattered-

Innocents are killed,
All for no reason.
Just because they are different,
The mirror is smashed.

Their is a lady in white,
She stands with a frown,
Her face recoiled in disgust-
She's holding a goblet,
Filled with blood-
Life blood
The blood is spilled,
And the goblet smashed,
On the concrete-
The lady walks away into a shadow

To night is Kristallnacht,
The night of broken glass

The author's comments:
Kristallnacht happened in Germany, right before WWII. Hitler killed may people of ethnic diversities that night. Kristallnacht translates into "the night of broken glass." This poem was written as a reaction to it after the class.

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