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February 2, 2013
By aclee0626 PLATINUM, Woodbury, Minnesota
aclee0626 PLATINUM, Woodbury, Minnesota
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You have no idea
What time apart does to me
It’s slowly driving me crazy
Being away
From the one I love
It’s so hard
For both of us

If we weren’t so young
Everything would be easier
If we had time
I know we could live forever
With each other

You could be mine
And I could be yours
And that would be the only thing
We’d have to worry about it

I feel so alone
When I’m not with you
Like there is no one to talk to
I have no one to hold me
No one to love me
Like you do
No time is ever enough time
When we are together
Time flies
And makes me miss you even more

But you’re so strong
You take care of both of us
And that’s how I know
We will make it through this
And be happy
Because that’s how it’s meant to be

We have to be ourselves
Ignore everyone else
And just be us
As one
Me and you

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