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February 17, 2013
By theshadowofanobody GOLD, Belle Mead, New Jersey
theshadowofanobody GOLD, Belle Mead, New Jersey
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People ask me how I've changed the world
And I'll say, "I wrote today!"
And then, they'll call me stupid
But that's okay. Here's what I'll say:
Quit it with the big numbers!
Grades used to mean the world to me, those miserable numbers that
took over my life! Does happy really mean a 100?! Or is a 93 not enough?
Forget how many likes I have on Facebook! Forget how many views I have on my blog! Forget it all!
If I changed one life, it would make all the difference to me.
And so, I write. I write because writing is bits and pieces of the truth.
Adam and Eve ate fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. They knew too much of the truth and they despaired.
But writing is bits and pieces of the truth. Writing sure is powerful.
Writing's laugh-producing, it's tear-inducing, it's life-infusing!
It's a new year, 2013.
A lopsided number, but it's a fresh new start.
Happy New Year, everyone! Here's to another year we're alive!
Here's to another year we can try to make resolutions!
Here's to another year! People are born, people die.
People are married, people are divorced.
You and I get happy. You and I get depressed.
Everything changes.
You think that we could change the world, though?
So I write. I write madly and stupidly, but I write anyway.

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