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I Am the sin

February 21, 2013
By MyFinalDestiny GOLD, Central City, Pennsylvania
MyFinalDestiny GOLD, Central City, Pennsylvania
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I am the beast baying at your door,
i am the demonic child no bishop-er can save,
i am the dirt that is stuck to your floor,
i am the wild monster concealed in the dark caves,
i am the taunting wolf no tamers can tame,
i am the troubles in your puny human life,
i am that ugly child that you all call lame,
i am the temptation to kill yourself with a knife,
i am the mental child no medicine can heal,
i am the plank digging deeper in your eye,
i am the grief and sorrow that you cant conceal,
i am the cause the make you lie,
i am the devil with who to strike a deal,
i am the reaper who causes you to die,

The author's comments:
sin is a very tempting thing. it can be what ever it wants to be

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on Mar. 7 2013 at 7:37 pm
Sparkle1pops PLATINUM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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"No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist."
- Oscar Wilde

Hey Kitty! I like you poem but it did have some gramatical errors. Like when you said, "i am the cause the make you lie," it should say "I am the the cause for your lies". Also I noticed that you start every sentence out with "i" that should be capitalized. Besides that great work! Keep up the good writing :)