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A Message From Gro-a-Rose™ Industries

March 16, 2013
By Grania PLATINUM, Portland, Maine
Grania PLATINUM, Portland, Maine
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This is “all-natural” beauty.
This is what you want.
Do you believe in real values?
Give Gro-a-Rose™ a shot!

So many have sung about “roses”
But that was the rose of the past
Get with it
and buy the new upgrade
That grows really, really FAST!

You can’t argue
with poetic beauty.
That’s a fact
our friendly staff knows.
So if you are for honor and duty,
spend your money at Gro-a-Rose™!

Because here
at Gro-a-Rose™ Industries,
we’re sensitive,
fair, and exacting.
We’ve received your complaints,
and because we talk straight,
we’ll tell you
you’re over-reacting.

You're all missing
the bigger picture,
which is beauty and truth
beyond greed.
If you’re struggling
to find real meaning,
it’s Gro-a-Rose™ that you need!

We know what it’s like
to feel grumpy
for millions of innocents starved.
You deserve
a little shopping therapy,
cause watching the news
can be hard!

Whether you’re sleeping or waking,
we hope that you never forget
that we in the Gro-a-Rose™ family
have a value for YOUR value set!

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