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Wordless Notions

March 28, 2013
By FerniB00 PLATINUM, Southampton, Other
FerniB00 PLATINUM, Southampton, Other
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Let me be guided through my mind, through the universe of thoughts.
As I look up to this woeful sky, I see it is not sad at all
‘Tis full of truths that are emitted by species of humans below.

I beg you, Mother Nature and all of her divine cultures.
Teach me the rules you bide yourself by
O’ dearest sun that watches the mistakes I make by day.
O’ rain that mingles with my hidden tears
Surely you are those to know where I keep going wrong
O’ the comforting yet uneasy black night
Let me sigh and sleep curled under your protection.
Darkness leaves me blind enough to think no-one can see my dreams
But I wrong myself, as you look right through me.
My animal instincts that were given to me from my ancestors;
The urges that pull me this way and that, is it really there…
Or do you, O’ shining stars guide me too?
Sub-consciously I follow you through my journey of life
As I succumb under your beautiful light.
Show me your secretes, show me your look upon us.
And teach me, teach me how I can live too.

Let me be guided through my heart, through the universe of emotions.
As I look up to this pleasing sky, I see it is not happy at all
‘Tis full of hopes that are emitted by speices of humans below.

So should I follow heart, chase my soul.
My heart leads to you
Should I listen to my head, be logical instead.
My questions ask for you
I beg you, teach me the rules you bide yourself by
And let me learn how I can be immortal
And live to become the inspiration for others
So I can understand this darkness I surround my self by
Call it my friend as the stars and night do for each over
I want to be the simplest kind of happy
Like I can just float in the sky, yet be heavy with philosophical mass
And burn with such passion just like the sun.
Run away and not to have fears or worries as to what I am running from
Or fleeing to, to just be restless and calm at the same time…
The wind should share his destination with me.
O’ clouds so wistful and undecided in the sky,
Take me with you so I can learn too.
What is it I am trying to take on hold, what do I want to understand.
Because I don’t even know myself.

I think what I am asking for is for help.
Help me know who I am.

I think what you are trying to say with no words
Is do not have a heart be free.
For they are the only things that separate
You and me.

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