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The Fake Birds

March 28, 2013
By FerniB00 PLATINUM, Southampton, Other
FerniB00 PLATINUM, Southampton, Other
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I spy two magpies, pecking the grounds of my neighbours
They bow down and rise up, like in a medieval dance
As I take my eyes away from the coupled birds
I wonder if they will still be there dancing when I return…
Later I did return and still they were dancing in my neighbours
So from this I conclude it seems that ‘love can last
If you both love to each over and both survive to love like so’

Even though it was two birds, known to steal shining silver things
Just pecking the ground in order to survive their short lived life.

The author's comments:
It isnt really clear in the poem, but it is my view of how we easily say somthing is one thing (when we cant really comprehend what they may actually be) just because we hope that we have that one thing.
The Magpies poem is based on a young child who hopes his parents are actually inlove as they have been married a long time when really they are just together because of materialistic things like money...

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