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Cake Pops

April 4, 2013
By Neonlimabean GOLD, Wyoming, Michigan
Neonlimabean GOLD, Wyoming, Michigan
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I bought you a cake pop.
Chocolate and yummy.
Just a piece of cake
With frosting and a stick.

It came in a cupcake veil
With ribbon and a note,
Proclaiming who it’s from
And who it’s going to.

The one I sent to you
Was chocolate with vanilla frosting.
I really hope you enjoy it
But there seems to be a problem.

Looks like they screwed up.
I was just trying to be cute.
I put your nickname for me
On the card.

But they messed it up.
They put my nickname
On someone else’s card
Because I sent her one too.

So now I don’t know
If yours had a name or not
But just to let you know
It’s from me.

I won’t make a big deal
But I thought you should know
I sent you that ball of cake
You are holding right now.

It’s not that big a deal
But it kinda bugs me.
My handwriting isn’t hard to read.
They shouldn’t have messed it up.

Chocolate with vanilla
A cute cupcake skirt
A white stick
And a note.

Is it that hard to get?

The author's comments:
This is yet another piece in my new collection, The David Chronicles. The collection is a series of original poetry inspired by a friend of mine named David that I had a huge crush on. Needless to say he was a huge inspiration for me and even though it didn't work out I'm grateful for our friendship.

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