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Escape this Madness

April 16, 2013
By TheyAllCallMeJoJo SILVER, Park City, Utah
TheyAllCallMeJoJo SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Escape this madness
I need to find myself
White is my soul
and black is my mind
With my head on the ground
My light is hard to find

Cracking its glass,
I am breaking life’s pieces
Close your eyes
and you’ll see me in the dark
Drowning in emptiness
I can almost see a shark

You say I am beautiful
but I’m made of pills
Your eyes burn my skin
your voices are like shrills

I am empty
just a shadow behind candle light
Will you still remember me
when I am just death
or will you say your prayers
or be comforted by crystal meth

Your voice tells me
the universe is an illusion
Who are you?
If you are not satan
or the angle from the sky
I cover my ears in fear that I’ll believe you
but denying is useless
because my head says its true

I am ashamed by you
and what these voices
are telling me to do
I am nothing but scarred
Strange voice leave me be,
and let my friend leave with me

I want to be saved
I want to be free
from the evil that is compelling me
Who am I?
I don’t remember.
But my soul has nothing to surrender
We are all an illusion
Ants of the universe
Death is just a lie
and life is just a game
My head screams of nothing
and that’s who I will be

Why do I feel this way?
Not even a poem can set me free
Is there a reason I want to die
Is there a reason I already feel dead?
I fear that nothing will save me,
or set me free
I pout in regret not even god will hear me
Or if there is a god
If there is a hell
Bring me peace because I will
escape this madness

The author's comments:
Not that I'm trying to create the best poem, all I wanted to do was write it from my heart.

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on Apr. 25 2013 at 2:10 pm
MeggieMills SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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I therefor I am a Writer.

.... Strange- but very good! I like it ! Its compelling! You only made a couple of typos too but its very good!