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April 20, 2013
By steelsoprano DIAMOND, Cincinnati, Ohio
steelsoprano DIAMOND, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I swiftly slip into the shadows and come up to the door.
I pull out a clip and stuff it into the lock.
When I hear a click, I slowly open the door,
And scan the room for any unwanted guests.
When I turn around, I see an unknown person.
On an instinct, I pick up the closest object and slam it against the temple of the person.
He crumples, blood slowly trickling done the side of his head.
Prodding his side with my foot,
I push the unconscious body aside until my work is done.
Pulling out a couple pebbles,
I snipe them at the cameras,
Catching my every move.
Stretching on some gloves, I am ready.
Now with every obstacle removed,
I lock the doors once again and pull out a fabric bag.
With one more glance around the room,
I slide everything from the shelves into my bag.
I hear satisfying clinks and shiny objects hit the bottom of the bag.
As minutes go on,
My bag gets heavier and heavier.
When all the shelves have been cleared,
And my bag is as full as it can be,
I pull the body back out, still knocked out cold.
I prop it up against the wall,
Open the door,
And walk out again into the arms of the dark, unpredictable night.

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