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Reader and Writer

April 27, 2013
By AlaNova ELITE, Naperville, Illinois
AlaNova ELITE, Naperville, Illinois
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Blindness overcomes the ready reader.
Invisible embraces,
Lids are closed.
Hands are shook.
The reader and writer join minds
All senses depart.

And then
The reader stands alone
Veering in dark nothingness.

Words flow from the writer
Vague, precise
Float and connect
A visionary guide:
What the writer writes
Splatters across the black canvas.

White to black, grey to color
Nothingness to vibrant life
Monotony to a brazen world -
As the reader sees with new eyes
Crafted from soul being.

Pages fly by
as life is written by the pen,
Words are spoken from the soul
Every heartbeat and heartthrob
Are torn desperately from the spine –
The covers are worn from tears
The pockmark scars of sword fights
Laughter, sewn into the stain
Life is created.

The truce between the reader and writer
Is buried, after
The last page is turned.

Buried, deep
In the treasure trove of their hearts,
Where eagerness awaits
For the next adventure to begin,
Between the reader
And writer.

The author's comments:
When I was writing this, I was thinking of what sort of bond the reader and writer share when a reader dares to pick up the book by a writer for the first time, and a masterpiece is shared. It's this trust, this bond, this journey that they share that is truly irreplaceable.
When the reader first commits to a book, the reader lets go of his/her eyes and schema for an entirely different world, whether it be one merely in a different city, or one in an entirely different dimension. As for the writer, the writer has created a masterpiece, something special and from the heart, something to be shared and felt and loved with others. They're the painter in this, and they splatter the canvas with a world made of words.
I hope that when readers of Teen Ink read my poem, they might be able to realize what sort of special magic there is for all those who love books, because it's really something unforgettable and priceless and precious. For all writers, too, to keep writing and spilling their beautiful words and works for others to enjoy too. Maybe, I hope to even inspire some others to read a bit more, because everyone deserves to experience this phenomenon.
Thank you! I hope you enjoyed it! Good luck to readers and writers alike!

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